10 Ways to Surprise Your Parents on Their Anniversary!

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Parents are the most important people in our life. They are held responsible for the huge role to make our life in many niches including our career. Oftentimes we want to show them how much we appreciate their doings, but we don’t know how.

If you are like many other people, you probably want to do something special for them. Well, you can have all excuses on their marriage anniversary. It will be the best occasion to do something special for them. On this anniversary time, it is sensible to celebrate and mark the moment together. That’s why the element of surprise is always a game changer in an event like this. Here are the ten ways to surprise your parents on their anniversary.

Surprise Your Parents on Their Anniversary

Cook something

If you’re good at cooking, this idea cannot go wrong! So, make the chance to step into the kitchen and make something special for them. Therefore, you mom does not need to worry about who’s going to cook anymore. For the menu, you could focus on your parents’ favorites. If you want to maintain the element of surprise, make sure not to tell them that you are cooking something. The meal will never fail! Consider to tweak the recipes you found on the net to your likeness.

Organize a surprise party

This will involve some people who are closer to your parents. You could get in touch with your parents’ best friends, relatives, or acquaintances to hold a surprise party.

Call up all folks to plan this together. Depending on the scale of the party, you might want to involve your friends to help you. But if it is a bit daunting to hold it on your own, you could hire a party organizer to help you from scratch. They will help you to arrange the drinks, catering, decoration, venue, and other things.

Travel tickets

Your parents deserve to recreate and refresh. The hectic and busy days have made them forget about pampering themselves. Even if your parents are retired, they deserve their second honeymoon. Give your parents’ tickets to the destinations that they will want to go the most. Let them know that you really care for them by bringing them to a fantastic journey. Plan for vacation in such a special place. Make all of the arrangements so that they won’t need to worry about anything.

Redecorate the room

Before proceeding, make sure that your parents won’t mind this surprise. Well, you are their son or daughter, you know your parents really well. Depending on the theme of the anniversary, the Gold anniversary is the symbol of the 50th Anniversary. Then there is Silver which is the 25th anniversary, Bronze for the 10th, and so on. Depending on the theme, you will want to redecorate the room to make a party which suits it.

Surprise them with slideshow

If you have some messages, but you are not really up to speak up by yourself, you could send the messages through the videos. The slideshow can really help you to show how much you care for them. It can be a great idea to recall their past and marriage. The slideshow will walk down the memory lane of the theme. Revive their marriage days with such great memories. They will be thankful to you.

Make a fine dining experience

If you are not up to cook by yourself, allow them to have a special time to have a special dinner together. The venue matters a lot when you are setting them up with a special date. It can be the special moment between the two of them, or they with their friends or family, including you.

Let it be the fine dining restaurant, a gala, or anything else. Make sure the theme is suitable with your parents’ anniversary. Of course, the scale of the dinner party will depend on the available budget.

To make an element of surprise, trick them to give you an opinion about your expecting wedding, birthday, or anything else. Don’t forget to put your poker face on to make it work.

Get an entertainment for them

The musical performance from top local performers can be a huge surprise for your parents. It would be nice if the performers can play your parents’ favorite songs so that they can share the special moment with their family and friends.

When we talk about entertainment, it is not only about musical entertainment. Do your parents like standup comedy? Or perhaps cabaret shows? Or any other entertainment? You know what your parents love. So, narrow down the list of entertainments in your area to the closest of likeness for your parents. It is also a great idea to invite some of your parents’ friends. Consider this also a fun reunion with your parents.

The surprise gifts

Think about appropriate gifts for your parents in the upcoming anniversary. Deciding the appropriate gift for them can be a daunting task to do. You could get some help from your brother, sister, or any other relative. Speaking of the gift, don’t over think it. As long as it is appropriate, whether it is small or big, your parents will consider it as a special one.  The gift can be as simple as travel tickets, handmade cookies, or anything else. An ordinary gift on a special occasion will make it more special.


It is also a great way to collaborate your parents wedding anniversary. The great wish like this would remind them each other about how they love. It does not have to be special and grand. The intimate mini-wedding where only closest people participate will be a memorable experience for them.

You could make your parents go ahead and make the vows again. It would be fun and sacred.

Give them errands vouchers

The errand vouchers are a great idea. You can make the vouchers by yourself just like when you were still kids. Bring the list of vouchers from “mopping the lawn”, “decorating room”, “doing massage for your parents”, or anything else. It would be fun and memorable since your parents can feel again about nurturing and treating you as the kid.


It is not as hard as you think to make your parents happy in their anniversary day. Don’t forget to prepare the element of surprise so that it will be fun experience for everybody.

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